Switch Creativo started at the middle of 2003 focusing on creating solutions that joins graphical design and technology. Having always within our goals the creation of a workgroup that makes use of innovative concepts to give clients the opportunity to experience the functionality and image oriented technology on all their needs.

Our artistic and technological core is around market trends, constantly re-evaluating our concepts and applying them to our daily work, giving to our clients solutions enriched with competitiveness elements.

The solutions we offer fits on the fields of the graphical design (printed - digital), 3D design, multimedia, photography, software development (Web - Windows), technology and image advisory, maintenance and administration of Web sites.

We commit ourselves with our clients; our interest goes further than just a commercial relation; we care about what they do, maintaining a continuous contact and teaming with them to work, because we want to be more than just a service provider.

Our efforts are focused to maintain an up-to-date level in all our processes and tools we use, we based our solutions on Macromedia® graphical design software and Microsoft® for the technological part.


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